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Post by Maddy on Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:54 pm

Be respectful of one another, their opinions and beliefs even though you may not agree with them.

We understand that discussions can sometimes evolve into heated debates where views differ. While it is completely acceptable to disagree with something that has been said, it is not acceptable to be discourteous, judgmental or accusatory while expressing your point of view.

Always be aware of what you say and how it might be interpreted by others.

Any time you respond to a post, remember that you are not only writing to the poster, but to everyone else on the forum. With that in mind, refrain from responding with any kind of language that shames, blames or disparages the poster. While it may feel good to you to “tell it like it is”, or use scare tactics to get your point across, people typically do not respond positively to these kinds of approaches and they only escalate the situation.

Avoid making defamatory statements.

It may seem like good, clean fun to ridicule or publicly criticize someone, whether they be a celebrity, a politician, a fellow forum member, or even a sibling. However, it is your responsibility to make honest statements of opinion that are based on fact, and are not malicious. Defamatory comments are not acceptable and will be removed.

If you feel that any thread or post is offensive or is in any way abusive, please report it so that staff is made aware of it. To do this, simply click the “Report Post” button located at the top right of the post. Remember that staff cannot be on the site at all times, so your help is greatly appreciated.

Spam, Trolls and Flames are not tolerated on Superior Art.

Any member who deliberately engages in spamming, trolling or flaming is not welcome on Superior Art and a permanent ban is typically appropriate in these cases.

Please notify staff as soon as possible if you notice or suspect spam, flaming or trolling by using the "Report Post" icon.

Spamming a forum can mean posting the same message repeatedly in several different areas of a forum or simply making useless and unwanted posts. Usually spam takes the form of ads, nonsense chatter, or messages with obscene content. You may notice spam within various forums, or in your private message inbox.

Flaming, also called “bashing”, is engaging in an online argument, usually by making hostile and insulting comments towards someone.

Trolling is when someone tries to provoke negative reactions from others by making controversial or troublesome posts. If you suspect someone is trolling, it is best to not respond, hence the expression “do not feed the trolls”.

Be aware of copyright.

We love all the sharing that takes place between community members on Superior Art and you may come across a great article, video or picture that you wish to post for others to see. Before you do, please be aware that this may violate copyright. Posting anything that does not belong to you, whether it be text that you copied and pasted from an article, or a photo/video from a website posted without permission or citing the source, may be a copyright violation.

Be careful how you choose to share information.

The best way to share articles, websites, photos or videos that are not your own is by posting web links to the original sources of those materials. For materials such as articles or information from websites, posting short snippets is usually okay. Better yet, create a summary in your own words and then give credit to the original source of the information.

If material you post is suspected of infringing copyright, staff will place your post into moderation so that it is hidden from view. During that time, staff may ask that you obtain permission from the original source. Alternatively, you may be asked to reword or summarize the material into your own words while making sure you also cite the source of the information, particularly in cases where permission has not been granted.

If you suspect that a post infringes copyright, please notify the staff by using the "Report Post" icon.

Keep topics non-controversial and light-hearted.

Our Chit-Chat has been created as a place where members can relax and discuss things other than their art. Because we have visitors to our site from all over the world and from a variety of age groups, backgrounds, and ethnicities, we ask that this forum be kept to non-controversial, lighthearted subjects. Topics such as religion, politics and personal problems should be brought up elsewhere and discussed privately.

We work very hard at keeping Superior Art safe and friendly for everyone. In keeping with the aims of our website, sometimes staff will need to close or hide threads, mediate disputes, issue warnings or formal infractions through the system, contact members via private message or post moderator warnings within threads to keep the forum running smoothly.

Staff members will use their discretion in determining the course of action that is appropriate when forum guidelines are being disregarded.

Every attempt is made to be fair and consistent when handling member issues however each situation is assessed on an individual basis as there are a variety of factors that come into play.

Continued problems with a member may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

The administration reserves the right to search any member's profile information, posting history, private messages, chat logs or any other forum-based information should they deem it appropriate.

Account Deletion:
It is not our practice to delete member accounts, even when requested. Any exceptions must be approved by an administrator. Accounts are "soft deleted." What this means is, the account is moved into a deleted users usergroup. When this happens, the profile for the account is disabled so that no one can view it. The postbit, which appears above the post, is replaced with Deleted User. In addition, the Reputation and Quote buttons, which reveal the username, are removed. For your convenience, the option to receive e-mails from administrators is turned off when you are part of this usergroup. All of this in effect makes the account anonymous. Posts are not deleted to keep the threads intact. Should you choose to return, just let us know and we will restore your account.

Staff Selection:
From time to time, we need to add more members to our staff. While we appreciate enthusiasm to help out the website, please do not request to join the staff. When the time comes we need another staff member, we will contact potential candidates. We look for active members who are positive role models for others. This means following the forum guidelines, typing legibly, providing quality posts, and being supportive to our members etc. Having knowledge in budgies is an asset, but not a requirement. If we feel you are a good candidate for a staff position, we will contact you via Private Message.

Thread Closure:
It is sometimes necessary to close threads, for example, when it gets overly heated, or when requested by the original poster. If any of your threads are closed and you are unsure why, please feel free to contact a staff member. Staff reserve the right to close any thread at their discretion, with or without prior warning. Thread starters also reserve the right to request their thread be closed at any time. All you need to do is contact any super moderator or administrator to let us know which thread.

Post Deletion:
Staff reserve the right to delete/hide any post that does not follow our forum guidelines. A post that attacks another member, contains inappropriate content (including links, pictures, etc.), contains a link to a competing website, violates forum guidelines, or any other reason at the staff member's discretion, may be deleted/hidden. Staff will typically contact you if any of your posts are deleted/hidden to let you know which post and why.

Post Edit:
Staff may edit any post if it does not adhere to our forum guidelines. Typically, staff will let you know if any of your posts have been edited, either via PM or by posting a comment in the "Edited by" field.

Account Bans:
Accounts can be banned with or without prior warning(s). If your account is banned, you will not be able to access the website. Instead, you will simply see a message stating the reason for your ban. If the ban is not permanent, you will be given an unban date and time. Attempting to bypass a ban by creating another account will not be tolerated, and will result in an IP address ban. If your ban is not permanent, your account will be unbanned on or about the date you are scheduled to be unbanned. Should you choose to return to our community at this point, you will be watched on a zero-tolerance policy. This means that the staff will give zero tolerance toward you. At the staff's discretion, you may be rebanned (possibly permanently) without prior warning. Warnings may or may not be given for bad behavior. Once a ban is made permanent, it will not be undone.

Username Changes:
You may request to have your username changed. Just send a PM to an administrator. Of course, please provide the new username. Make sure the name you want is not currently in use.

Staff Decisions:
All decisions made by the staff are at the staff member's sole discretion. All decisions are final, unless overruled by an administrator. Staff have the right to take action (ban, warning, etc.) against any member should the need arise. A member need not break a forum "rule" to have action taken against them. The owner reserves the right to restrict access to the website from anyone, for any reason.

Inactive Accounts:
We will periodically scan for inactive accounts. An account is inactive if it has not visited the site in a specified amount of time. This amount of time is never less than 60 days. If your account has posts to it, no action will be taken. However, if your account contains 0 posts, it will be moved to an inactive users usergroup. Once in this group, it will no longer appear on the member list. All other features of the account will remain the same. When you return, your account may still remain in this group. If this happens, you must contact an administrator to have it removed from the inactive users group. This is done to unclutter the member list.

Inactive Accounts (E-mail Reminders):
If your account is inactive (whether in the inactive users usergroup or not) for 30 days, you will be sent a reminder e-mail once per month asking you if you wish to come back. If you never want to receive this e-mail, just turn off the Receive Email from Administrators option.

(Thank you TalkBudgies for the rules!)
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