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Post by Maddy on Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:25 am

Our December Conure of the Month, is my beautiful Peatree Abbigail!

1. What species is your conure?
She is a pineapple green cheek conure,

2. If known, how old is your conure?
Peatree is about 4 years old.

3. How did you get your conure?
When I got my budgie on my 10th Birthday, my mom told me I would be able to get a bigger bird like a conure when I turned 13. I loved my budgies a lot, but they just aren't awesome people birds. So at Christmas time, a few months later, my mom cracked and said I could get a conure. Smile After searching for what seemed like forever, I found an add for a pineapple greenie. I had my mom email the lady for more info. After having an hour long convo, we decided to check her out. A few days later, my mom and dad to Mount Dora to go see her. When they called me, they said that they had not gotten the bird. I should have known that my dad didn't mean it, he's a jerk. I was thrilled when they arrived home with the cute little greenie in a box. My Peatree.

4. What is your conures favorite food?
Peatree loves blackberries and banana.

5. What are some of your conures quirks?
Peatree likes to dance to any music, sing with me, and me a brat.Razz

6. What made you choose your conures name?
I did not choose her name. I hated the name Peatree, and wanted to change it very badly when I got her. But, she knew her name and could say it. I still don't like her name, but it has grown on me a bit.

7. What is your favorite thing about your conure?
Everything. I love every little thing about her.

8. Does your conure talk? If so, what can s/he say?
Yup! Peatree can say her name, cookie, mommy, pretty bird, hi, and she can kinda say I love you. She can also blow kisses!

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